First Baptist Church of Lakeland, Georgia | Lakeland, GA

Posted Date 5/19/2023

First Baptist Church, Lakeland, GA is in need for a full-time pastor. Our resident membership is 190 with about 60 in active attendance. Currently our annual undesiginated general offerings are $192,000. The annual salary is negotiable. We do not have a Pastorium.

FBC is currently being led by a transitional interim pastor. We have a part-time music director and a part-time office manager.

We are seeking a pastor 30-plus in age with a minimum of five years of pastoral experience.

Our Sunday morning music is blended led by a music leader, backed by choir and piano and organ. We use presentation software to project the music lyrics to a sanctuary screen. The pastor's scriptures are also projected to the screen.

Our pastor leads a Wednesday night Bible study following a meal.

Sunday morning before worship we offer Bible study for adults and children. 


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